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Le 17 Novembre 2006 à AIX-LES-BAINS ----- November 17, 2006 - AIX LES BAINS - France


1st  European conference on research in spa therapy
and medical balneology 6 November 17, 2006  - AIX-LES-BAINS – France
Co-organization :  Association Française pour la Recherche Thermale (AFRETH)
and Société Française d’Hydrologie (S.F.H.)



Communications published during the Research day in thermal medicine - Aix Baths - November 17th, 2006
 The organisation of research on thermalism in Europe

  The situation in latin countries, german speaking countries, eastern Europe and Turkey, Escot-Europe, ….

C Guttenbrunner,
Z Karagulle,
 See communication
CF Roques-Latrille,
See communication
R Vanni
See communication



 Biological studies :
 patho-physiology and security of spa therapy
  The Dax Institute of Thermalism “water pilot”.
       K. Dubourg, C. Nguyen Ba (Dax, France)
See communication .
   “The water pilot” a tool to achieve the microbiological cleanliness of mineral waters.
         S. Pecastaing, K. Dubourg (Dax, France)
See communication
   A microbiological investigation on thermal muds.
         C. Roques (Toulouse, Balaruc, France)
See communication
  Interactions between the oligo-elements contained in the mineral waters and the cartilage : an animal experimental study.
         J. Cambar (Bordeaux, France)      
See communication
  A study of preparation of the « ressource water » in Salies-de-Bearn 
         K. Dubourg, (Dax, France)
See communication

   A study of the infectious risk in 542 patients undergoing spa therapy in Aix-les-Bains

R. Forestier, A. Françon , B. Graber-Duvernay, M. Palmer, JF
Sevez, A. Guillemot, JF. Souchon, S. Gerrud, C. Le Provost, J. Joly (Aix, France), Rojeaux (Chambéry, France), O. Deschamps (Aix, France)
See communication



 State of the Art in Spa medicine and medical hydrology

  Physiological actions of Spa therapy on different systems of the body : cardio-vascular, respiratory, metabolic and nervous autonomic systems 
         C. Ekmekcioglu (Vienna, Austria)
See communication

  Effects of Spa therapy on anti-oxidative status, inflammation, immune system.
         Z. Karagulle (Istanbul, Turkey)
See communication
   Effects of spa therapy on pain and fatigue : mechanisms and assessment.  
         C. Guttenbrunner (Hanover, Germany)
See communication
   Therapeutic effects of spa therapy : a meta-analysis of randomised control trials.  
         P. Nony, M. Cucherat, JP. Boissel (Inserm, Lyon, France)
See communication



 Clinical studies in spa therapy
  Spa therapy for patients with generalized anxiety : a randomised control trial.  
         O. Dubois, R. Salamon, P. Ollier (France)
See communication
  Spa therapy for Parkinson’s disease, a medico-economic controlled trial.
         JL. Montastruc (Toulouse)
  “Thermarthrose” a multi-center trial on spa therapy in patients with osteo-arthritis of the knee. 
         R. Forestier, H. Desfour, M. Tessier (Aix les Bains, Balaruc, Dax
         - France)
See communication
  Spa treatment of chronic rhino-sinusitis of adult persons.
         C. Dubreuil (Lyon, France)
  “MaaThermes” : assessment of obesity treatment in Spa resorts.           P. Serog (Paris, France)
  "Event" - a medico-economic study on spa therapy in patients with venous insufficiency.  
         F. Poirault, JL. Bosson, P. Carpentier (Grenoble, France)
See communication
  A pilot study on the medico-economic approach of spa therapy in chronic low back pain patients. 
         N. Moore (Bordeaux, France)
See communication
  Assessment of spa therapy in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency – a randomised controlled study of patients treated in La Léchère
         P. Carpentier, B. Satger (Grenoble, France)
   A double blind studyof efficiency of carbo-dioxide in arterial peripheral desease
         R. Fabry, P. Monnet, E. Savin, J. Coudert et JC Baguet
         (Royat, France)





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